Rhode Island State Area
162 Middle Street
Pawtucket, Rhode Island (RI), USA 02860
Phone: 1 (401) 727-9000
Fax: 1 (401) 642-0112
Specialties: Groups: Adhoc or Series
Primary Contact (Product)
Michael Stern
Product Manager Australia/New Zealand/Fiji
Sydney office phone: 1300 792 195

3/263 Clarence St, Sydney, NSW 2000
Australian Mobile: 0414 557277

Secondary Contact (Product/Training)
Kristopher Ouellette
Product Lead
South Pacific & Canada
+1 (401) 642-4772
Primary Marketing Contact
Kelly Frantz
Partnership Marketing Associate
Dan Sullivan Jr.
Main Operation:
Business Short Description:
Business Long Description:

Collette Vacations markets and operates group escorted vacations in Australia. We have an outside sales force of 85 members who sell product directly to groups and also through retail channels throughout the USA, Canada and the UK. 60% of our business is group direct/wholesale and 40% is retail. We market aggressively through direct mail campaigns, advertising, television, and partnerships with organizations such as AARP (38 million members), AAA, the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) and many more.

Company Information:
Company Brochure Which Includes Australia: Yes
Australian Content In Brochure: 65%
Month Of Brochure Production: May
Approximate Passengers To Australia Per Year: 3,500
Inbound Tour Operator: N/A
Preferred Consortia: N/A
Preferred Airport Code: