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Tours Hai International

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3808 St Denis
Montréal, Quebec (QC), Canada H2W 2M2
Phone: 1 (514) 281-5688
Fax: 1 (514) 286-2511
Specialties: Air Only, FITs, Groups: Adhoc or Series, Groups: Brochure Wrap, Incentive - Conventions
Primary Contact (Product)
Johnny Nguyen
Main Operation:
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Business Long Description:

Tours Hai International is a Canadian tour operator based in Montreal since 1987 and specialized in Asian and South Pacific destinations. We are now the largest provider of tour products to Asia and South Pacific in Canada and are increasing our tour programs to Australia both for the Quebec French market and the English clients in the rest of Canada, especially in the province of Ontario. We are members of the Travel Industry Council of Ontario, and registered with the Consumer protection agency of the Quebec government with the appropriate permits.

Tours Hai International features cultural and educational tours. In our Australia products we highlight hands on experiences with aboriginal people, visiting vineyards, discovering cities through their markets, public transportation (trams etc) and spending time in the great outdoors whether canyons, rivers or islands and the Great Barrier Reef.

Tours Hai staff have obtained the Aussie Specialist certification in 2010 and attend the various webinars offered by the Australia Tourism board, the South Australian Tourism Commission and AAT Kings on a regular basis.

We have a dedicated brochure for South Pacific destinations, and are about to print the 2011 French version. Our web site will be updated with these products after publication. In addition, we announce our products across Quebec and Ontario via e-mail blasts both to agents and customers we meet through our travel conferences. The latter are scheduled at 3 month intervals in major cities in Quebec and are directed to agents and their clients to become acquainted with the destination and our products.

Company Information:
Company Brochure Which Includes Australia: Yes
Australian Content In Brochure: Yes
Month Of Brochure Production: September
Approximate Passengers To Australia Per Year: 400
Inbound Tour Operator: AOT, ATS, Australia Across
Preferred Consortia: N/A
Preferred Airport Code: