Ground Transport Options

Please note the start of this section provides transport options and information for national resources.  Please scroll down the page to locate additional specific getting around information for a list of major cities.

Transportation options in every State of America and Canada are not the same. Some cities have excellent public trains, buses and transportation while other States/Provinces rely on car and taxi’s for getting around.

Taxi’s are not readily accessible in all cities including the larger major cities. In Los Angeles for example, do not expect to hail a cab off the street or find them easy to locate in every town. Hence best to telephone for taxi service.  In New York City and Chicago, taxi’s are easily hailed from the street.  A great resource is to use to book taxi’s by mobile devices or via the internet.  Taxi companies vary by city and State. Please note not all taxi’s except credits, you must inquire in advance if you wish to pay by credit card or always ask the taxi driver prior to entering the vehicle.

Car service with professional driver for hire options are easily obtained in most major cities and can save you time and provide great resource while traveling and getting around.  Alternatively, car rental hire services provide great options with gps navigation to guide you to your destination by providing automated directions in your car.  Some of the best city choices for you for car rental hire or car/driver are Los Angeles/California and Seattle/Washington State. Just remember in North America you drive on the other side of the road than back at home and different rules of the road do apply.

Traffic is a reality in a big country like America so please plan ahead; ask your client when booking your business meetings about distances and recommendations for best transportation options.

In many cities of America and Canada tourism industry businesses are located ‘outside’ of the downtown or CBD areas.

Rail Services
Car & Driver Services
Carey Transportation
National Limousine Assoc
Database of car/driver business members nationally
1 800.652.7007
Uber Car Service
This is a community ride share & taxi alternative car service
Taxi Magic
International mobile app for booking taxi’s can also book on the internet or via phone text
Rental Cars
Competitive prices on all Car Rentals listed below
Global Positioning System) will give you step by step directions and are available at all car rental companies for an additional fee. Ask when making your reservation.

Portable Cellular Telephones can also be rented through most car rental companies for an additional fee.


Transportation From Boston (Logan) Airport
Boston (Logan) Airport is located 4 miles from Downtown. Taxi transfer – approximate 30 mins.
Taxi Cab Companys
Taxi $20-$25 from Airport to Downtown – 15 minutes
Shuttle/Coach Shuttles are available and easily accessible.
Train $2.00 from Airport to Downtown – 25 minutes
For further information:
Transportation From Chicago Airport
$38 to $46: Share-a-cab $24 -$32 – Airport to Downtown

$28 – Continental Airport Express to downtown hotels.
www.airportexpress.comTel: 888.2 The Van  888.284.3826

Train $2.00 – RTA Blue Line train from Airport (follow railcar signs) direct to the Loop (Downtown) Often faster than cabs during rush hour; a good choice for travelers with carry-on luggage.
Los Angeles
Transportation From LAX Airport
Some LAX Airport Hotels offer free shuttle service from airport. Check with your hotel.
Taxi Cab Companies
United Independent Taxi 800.822.8294 Credit Cards Upon Request
Taxi Co-op Santa Monica
Credit Cards Upon Request
Sedan Limo Shuttles Door-to-Door Airport Shuttle Service. Shuttle fares are 30% to 70% cheaper than taxi for travelers who are alone, but couples or groups may find taxi fares competitive and faster.
Shuttle Bus Companies
For shuttle bus, proceed to Shuttle Bus Stop located outside of Baggage Claim
Super Shuttle 310.782.6600
800 Blue Van
PrimeTime 310.536.7922
800 Red Van
Express 800.427.7483

Commuting in Los Angeles can be difficult, with heavy traffic, expensive parking and lack of public transport. A good option is hiring a car & commercially licensed driver, which can prove to be time efficient and cost effective versus other modes of transportation.
Some recommended companies are:

KLS Limo – Airport transfer Sky Limo – Airport transfer

Driver & Sedan $65 per hour
includes tip & tax
Airport Transfer $69 .$91
24 hour service
310.247.0804 or 877.936.5466


Driver & Sedan $49 plus tip & tax
Tel: 310.330.7500 or 800.359.1800

TCP: 16240P

New York
Transportation From Kennedy International Airport (JFK)
Airport transit information: 800.247.7433 (AIR-RIDE)
Taxi $65 estimated rate (plus tolls) to Manhattan
Shuttle/Coach $18 – Super Shuttle to Manhattan
See Ground Transportation Information counter in terminal or use courtesy phone to arrange a ride.
Transportation From Newark International Airport (NWK)
Taxi $45 to $60 (plus tolls) to Manhattan
From Manhattan $55 to $65 (plus tolls)
Shuttle/Coach See Ground Transportation Information counter in terminal or use courtesy phone to arrange a ride.
Airtrain and New Jersey Transit to Newark’s Penn Station $12.00, connect to AMTRAK to Manhattan $26.00
Bus Newark Airport Express Bus to Manhattan $15 Tel: 877.863.9275
Transportation From La Guardia Airport (LGA)
Taxi Approximately $35 but they are metered. (20 min. ride)
Shuttle/Coach $16 approx fare – Super Shuttle. Tel: 800.258.3826
$15 approx – New York Airport Service 800.872.4577, 212.875.8200
operates every 15-30 minutes to Manhattan and free shuttle to/from all hotels between 27th and 63rd Streets.
Transportation from New York to Ardmore (Swain office)
Amtrak train Penn Station, New York (NYP) to Ardmore (ARD)
Direct services or connecting over Philadelphia. Approx 2 hours, $93 one-way.
Private car/van Door-to-door private transfer from New York to Ardmore.
Cost effective and time saving for 2 or more passengers, price on application.
Must pre-book.
Supersaver 800.924.9954
Dial 7 Cars and Limousines 800.222.9888
Transportation From Philadelphia Airport to Downtown
Taxi $28.50 flat rateto Downtown – 20 minutes
Shuttle/Coach 800.258.3826 Super Shuttle
Airport access- 35 minutes
Train $14 to Downtown – 35 minutes. Also check AMTRAK
Transportation from Philadelphia Airport to Ardmore (Swain).
Swain Destinations is located 30 mins from the Airport and 20 mins from Downtown.
Taxi $50 approx from airport to local hotels – 30 minutes
$25 – $30 from local hotels to Swain – 15 minutes
Shuttle/Coach $60 – Mainline Airport/Bennett Cab Service
Service operates 6.00am-9.00pm
Pre-book 1 (877) 235-4667 or 1 (866) 525-0513
Private Car/Van $80+ from airport to local hotels and Swain. Must pre-book.
Mainline Express: Tel: 610.361.1955 or 888.226.5847
Fax: 610.361.1956, E:
San Diego
Transportation From Los Angeles
Approx 2 ½ hours drive from LAX
Approx 1 ½ hour drive from Orange County
Transportation From San Diego Airport
Taxi $20 San Diego Airport to downtown

$ 35 Harbor Limo  Tel: 858.232.1714

San Francisco
Transportation From San Francisco Airport
San Francisco International Airport
Several firms operate door-to-door service on a prearranged basis from courtesy phones.
Taxi Cab Companies
Taxi $40 to Downtown / $55 to Fisherman’s Wharf
Bus $1.75 – SamTrans No.292 North to 1st Street at Mission terminal Downtown
Bus/Train $1.75 – SamTrans No 3X bus to BART Station / $5.70 BART fare to downtown stations
Shuttle Bus Companies
Super Shuttle 800.258.3826
800.Blue Van
Transportation From Seattle Airport
Taxi $35 – $40 to Downtown and $40 – $45 to Bellevue
Shuttle/Coach $39 Shuttle Express to Downtown
$36 Shuttle Express to Bellevue
Shuttle Express: Ph 425.981.7000

$15 – Gray Line Airport Express to Downtown/hotels.
Tel: 206.626.6088 / 800.426.7532

Bus $2.25 – Metro No. 174/194 to Downtown. Tel: 800.542.7876
Note: Abel Tasman and Down Under Answers are located in Bellevue
Transportation From Montreal Airport
Taxi CAD$38 to Downtown
Tel: 514.273.6331
Shuttle/Coach CAD$
Tel: 514.800.2282 or 877.266.2885
Transportation From Toronto Airport
Taxi CAD$50 to Downtown – 30 minutes
Shuttle/Coach CAD$19.95 – Airport Express.
Services every 20 minutes/selected drop-off locations.
Tel: 905.564.3232 to pre-book.
Train & Buses Contact “Go Transit” Tel: 888.438.6646
Transportation From Vancouver Airport
Taxi and
Limo service
Taxi CAD$30 approx to Downtown – 20 minutes
LimoJet 604.273.1331 or 800.278.8742
CAD$80 plus GST 6 Pax
limo curbside service is no longer permitted
Shuttle/Coach CAD $13.75 – Vancouver Airporter. Tel: 800.668.3141