New to the Website?

If this is your first time visiting COAST or our new website, here are a few quick tips to help you navigate quickly.

This website was developed by COAST to assist Australian product suppliers in planning and carrying out independent sales call trips to the North American market based on intel provided by COAST of a select number of the quality producing sellers of destination Australia.

You may search by business speciality, location or business name.

To further assist when reviewing a business, the COAST site will automatically list other businesses within the same vicinity. Each business bio includes only key contacts as provided by the listed business.

Be sure to check out the Planning & Getting Around section for resources for great appointments and planning.

Can’t locate a business or have a recommendation, please go to “Contact Us”.

Finally, need the full database to provide an update or follow-up communication to this group of businesses? Go to “Database for Download”.

We hope you find the COAST site a useful tool and wish you every success in working with this exciting market of a very passionate group dedicated to providing the best possible experiences for travel to Australia.