Working on the Road


A majority of hotels offer Wi-Fi in guest rooms and in common hotel areas – charges may apply always best to check before you book. Most emails are easily accessed via internet provider. Starbucks Coffee offers Wi-Fi as do many other coffee places.


Business Center Facilities
Many hotels offer business center facilities; however if you are in need of photocopying, printing, business cards, business reports, faxes, other business services locate the following: Fed Ex/Office – (most) Open 24hours a day.


Check with your local shipping services. Points to remember:

Always request door-to-door shipping, including customs clearance and delivery.

Bring copies of airbills/invoices with you to assist in tracking your packages.


Mobile Phone, Telephone & Calling Cards
Some Australian mobile phones CANNOT be used in the United States. Unfortunately the US is on a different system.

In Australia, check with your mobile telephone provider to find out about their international phone card service options.


Mobile phones:
You may purchase a US mobile phone quite reasonably priced and pre-purchase minutes with option to top up as you travel. You can locate providers at International Airports and in most major cities. Sprint, AT&T, Verizon all have good networks in US and options for Canada plus International

Telephone calls from your hotel room are very expensive. Hotel charges for calls direct to Australia can be up to USD$25.00 per minute.


Telephone Calling Cards:
Visit and purchase a calling card directly online save big $$$ on international calls. Telephone calling cards can also be purchased at Petrol Stations, convenience stores such as 7-11 and Circle K, liquor stores and most newsstands throughout North America.


Download Skype onto your laptop:
Option to place inexpensive calls to landlines and cell phones go to Free Skype-to-Skype calls can be made on land or cell phones anywhere in the world at great rates.


It is illegal to drive while using your cell phone in California as well as some other states remember to use a blue tooth device. Visit: